The 14th China Watch & Clock Summit Forum


On the afternoon of June 22, 2016, the 14th China Watch & Clock Summit Forum is held at Shenzhen Four Seasons Hotel. This forum is themed “precision art shows ingenuity- combining fashion and technology to design the future of the industry”. Industry elites, overseas experts and mainstream media are invited to the Forum to share information on the current development status and prospects of development of watch and clock industry in various countries and regions of the world. They learn from each other, and have in-depth discussion about development, brand and culture of watch and clock industry, in an effort to find out the idea and new path for development in the future. Precision art shows ingenuity- combining fashion and technology to design the future of the industry


The forum covers four sessions, namely "round table: industrial thinking from a global perspective", "skilled originality and ceaseless inheritance", "outlook on wearable intelligence market" and " introduction to planning of China’s Time Valley and future of the industry".


The spirit of craftsman of striving for perfection drives the quality revolution of watch and clock.

Gao Yanmin, Director of Consumer Goods Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, interpretes the several opinions on the creation of the market environment for the consumption of industrial goods issued by the General Office of the State Council at the Forum. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been actively guiding the construction of the clock and watch brand to ensure domestic brands could get widely recognized. Director Gao points out that the key for the Chinese watch & clock industry to break the low-end low-value "spell" is to win with "premium quality". At present, a considerable number of domestic brands have gradually got in line with international standards. Furthermore, Director Gao adds that the spirit of craftsman of striving for perfection and win with "quality" is the keys of the Chinese watch & clock industry to vistory.


Industrial thinking from a global perspective

With the development of society and constant change of the market demand, the global watch & clock industry is now experiencing a difficult period of market adjustment This is expecially true for the traditional watch & clock industry. At the forum seminar, experts and representatives from different countries and industries have dialogues and reflect on the present situation and development of watch & clock industry. In 2015, the output value of the Chinese watch & clock industry was RMB 67.5 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 3.2%; the annual production of watches was 470 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 2.4%; and the total value of import and export in 2015 was $ 5.2 billion, which indicates that the irrational consumption in China's high-end market has been declining. The year-on-year increase was 5.13% from January to April in 2016. Through adjustment in the past few years, the Chinese watch industry has made great efforts in creating brands, improving quality and increasing varieties. Enhancing quality of watches and clocks, strengthening training of watch talents and promoting watch culture will be among the important tasks of the Chinese watch & clock manufacturing industry during the 13th Five-year Plan Period.


Outlook on smart wearable market

Smart wearable product serves as an important carrier. Other smart wearable products, smart watches and fashion smart hardware enjoy irreplaceable advantages, which means there’s a world of opportunity and possibility. However, the current smart wearable market needs further training, with many problems still to be solved. Such problems cannot be solved by a single enterprise in the traditional smart watch. Fortunately, many companies have got involved and achieved satisfactory periodical results. Given the global market environment, with scientific and technological progress and market demand, the watch & clock industry is currently undergoing profound changes.


Planning of China’s Time Valley

Shenzhen is hailed as the capital of watches of China. How "Shenzhen watch" will develop in the future needs to be explored in a profound manner. China’s Time Valley has come into being with the sponsorship of Shenzhen Horologe Association. In the process of establishment of the Valley, the Association has made a lot of planning. It studied how the industry would develop, transform and upgrade in as early as 2012 and it also conducted research of brand strategy. The planning of Time Valley is also the planning of the Shenzhen watch base. China’s Time Valley is an international window, and through market competition, it will promote the continuous innovation of watches and clocks, enhance its own capacity and help us develop in an competitive environment.