Time to Love Shenzhen Tour-Public Welfare into the CWCF ​


At the 27th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair and Watch & Clock Culture Week, public welfare activities that care for children suffering autism in an artistic way are launched at the "Time to Love" exhibition area of No. 1 Hall of at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Twenty special children paintings are displayed at the exhibition area on the same day.


These children’s paintings include colorful oil paintings, vivid black-and-white self-portraits, "fairy tale world" full of imagination and other works. If they had not been introduced by Zhu Shunhua, Director of the Administrative Committee of Shenzhen Caring Action Foundation and Time to Love Art Public Fund, it would be unbelievable that these paintings are works of those children suffering autism or cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


It is worth mentioning that on March 2016, Time to Love Art Public Fund bring these special children's paintings purchased out of charity to the world's largest and top-most watch & clock and jewelry event - 2016 Swiss Basel World as part of the 20th anniversary of Chinese Watch & Clock Exhibition at the Basel World.


Chairman Zhu Shunhua has said that Time to Love Art Public Fund launched through donation of Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association aims to promote the public welfare of art and art of public welfare, tap into the great value and function of the integration of art and public welfare, facilitate the diversified development of social welfare undertakings, and hammer at three major public projects including cultivating artistic talents to join the cause of public welfare, supporting the development of special children's talent and providing art education in the poor and backward areas. Since the establishment of the Art Public Fund, the funds have been used for exploring the integration of art and public welfare. The "Time to Love Art Public Fund-Give love to the painters" is launched on the same day, under which subsidy will be granted to 2 contracted artists, and support will be given to "Miguo Love Fund - Star Baby Assisting Drawing Class". Those receiving support will be able to attend the painting class for one year on a daily basis. These activities aim to inspire the artistic potential of children suffering autism.


Star Baby Assisting Drawing Class was launched with RMB 30,000 funded by Miguo Love Fund, which has been committed to the healthy development of children in the name of Shenzhen Caring Action Foundation to in an artistic way care for 10 children suffering autism with painting talents, provide guidance of assisting painting class for one year and inspire their artistic potential.